Some of the titles that I’ve done over the years haven’t been as popular as others, but I’ve always looked at them as part of a set and an entire academy.  That’s typically why you’ll see me do something like Thinkific.  It’s not about just having a standalone title. But is IS something that you need to have in your video learning academy. When people are making a choice about where they’re going to commit their resources on a monthly basis, having a solid title in your membership means you’re serious. Your customer will rarely see this, when they’ll see courses on Facebook anywhere and everywhere. Get this and add it to your academy:

A Different Kind of Video Kit Content 

I’ve asked Lana and Sydney to complete the work on Audacity Video Kit Content which was our over-the-shoulder video course.  As soon as it’s ready we will make it available to you.  What makes these kits unique is that they are done from the perspective of teaching the content visually.  That’s why they’re not just ‘slides’ or screenshots.  It’s an actual course presented to teach a process.  You can use this content to create your own Video course that you can put on your YouTube channel or even use as Lead Gen content.  There are lots of possibilities once this is turned into text. Get our first release of Amazon ACX Video Kit here:

Rare Instruction on Building a Video Learning Center Academy 

I will be completing the over-the-shoulder video PLR training on building a video membership & academy in short (3 minute avg) video tutorial form today. As you know, I’ve already taught the logic and the “why” of the business model in E-Learning Playbook. This course will be free to Ultimate Insiders and available either tomorrow or Thursday (if you are working on Christmas Day). It will be about an hour long and will cover the entire technical process of turning your PLR videos into an entire ‘academy.’ Getting this down to an hour will be a challenge, but I have figured out how to do it so that you and your customers won’t be overwhelmed.  

Both you and the people you teach will be able to follow my videos and get an academy built the right way.   You can use it with or separate from E-Learning Playbook…the choice will be yours. I have a Learning Center academy of my own that you can get access to now at about half of what it will cost in January along with some Unlimited Rights PLR.  Go here to get it: 

To sign up as an Ultimate Insider, go here: