This last April, I suggested that nobody knew how long things would be crazy, and that people would be dialed in to our content, whether it was on YouTube, Facebook or wherever. Video content, recorded or livestreamed, would increase.  That was true in April and that’s true now in December. It’s only going to grow. 

I suggested that you capitalize on this, and take packages like the ones I have been telling you about from Francis, where you get our video content and other PLR rights content to go with it: 

And also the one from Chad which is NOT video, but you could easily re-narrate and turn into video:

Reality One: Use and ReUse Your Video PLR 

Earlier this year I did a live series and turned it into a 30-day training for you to use.  It was about how to rebrand and reuse your video content to become an authority in your subniche. There is still time to become a voice in your individual subniche. But you must be consistent and prolific.  Others who put their head down at the beginning and just kept at it are building their audience. Make sure you teach your customers the same with our 30-Day Video Reseller Challenge:

Reality Two: Turn Your PLR Into Continuity 

What I have taught over and over again to our Insider community is that they should pick a theme and build around it.  You want to launch to find your ideal customer. Then you want to move them into continuity. Use your Video PLR to build an ever growing Learning Center as the center focus of your membership. This may be the first time you’re hearing this.  If you’re an Ultimate Insider, you’re probably already tired of hearing me say it. But why stop talking about it, if it’s true? Go here to get signed up: