Today, I am sharing with you a little bit of the Anchor.FM course that I will be finishing up for Ultimate Insiders over the next couple of days.  Go here to see a sample video:  

Videos on Productivity 

Additionally, there was a release of a set of videos on the subject of productivity.  This could be a good addition to your Learning Center depending on who you’re targeting and what your subject is. Go here to get the content:  

Hackathon in Pre-Conversion Stage 

Yesterday, we announced that we would be converting the Hackathon to PLR.  That means that if you have the live course, you’ll automatically get the PLR. Once the PLR conversion is complete it will become an Upsell for: 
1) The Hackathon (in a separate offer)
2) E-Learning Playbook 

However, you can get it now as part of the Hackathon where you can view the live course and get the PLR when complete.  Go here: