Microsoft Teams

The PLR that we’ve been talking up for a few weeks now is just getting started in terms of its launch period.  Microsoft Teams PLR is covering a semi-new and popular platform that’s grown to 75M users very quickly.   Because you can use it free to manage projects and include other people when you want, it’s quickly becoming a real stud.   We’ve covered all of the basics you need to use the free version here:

Also Just Getting Started 

A few mornings ago, we told you about Amit’s most recent PLR guide.  Unfortunately, we didn’t do the redirect correctly and sent you to Fahey’s page. My apologies for that. In any case, we put together some good resources for you to leverage it.  Go see them here before you get the content:

Ending Tomorrow Night 

The one that I sent you to above…the written guide on Affiliate Marketing, is ending its launch pricing tomorrow night.  I haven’t yet decided whether I will keep our resources there after that time. When you combine the content from this package plus what we’re adding, you can really create something unique. And with the combination of video and text, you have options.   See out resources here and then get it before the pricing closes out:

Personal Note   

I have wanted to have for a while something more than Outlook to manage my projects.  I like Basecamp and have used it for the most part in addition to other things. But there was something about it that, for me…once I got into it, I would easily go months without using it. Then I’d have to start all over again. 

So, I’ve been eyeing this platform and I think they’re getting it right.  There are a few more integrations that would make it perfect, but as of right now, it does enough for project management. I’ll see what you think too, once you’ve gone through the videos here: