As a reminder, Zoom PLR will be coming at you Saturday morning.  I am finishing up the videos this week.  This will be a top to bottom update that considers the current situation without talking about it directly…that is so that you’ll be able to use if afterward. 

Another reminder for you today is that the Virtual Summit PLR Written Guide from Aurelius goes off its launch pricing tonight at Midnight EST.  We’ve added our own set of resources which include a video guide on some out of the box monetization ideas for your summit.  Get my guide and the PLR before the deadline here:  

Video Content To Combine with The Written Guide 

I love Aurelius’ content and the subject matter.  I think you should have videos also to go with his content. And yes, this is something that I covered personally. And I didn’t have to find an outsourcer, because I’ve actually done a summit of my own. So, make sure that you have our video content to go with the written guide here:  

How To Stop Worrying and Get Zoom PLR 

Did you know that I consider Zoom PLR to be an update?  That may mean nothing to you, if you don’t personally know my work. It means that it’s a title that I’ve done before. And because of the health crisis, it required an update…so I’m doing one.

That STILL may mean nothing to you, except this: When you are an Ultimate Insider, you get my updates as part of your membership in addition to getting one Full Funnel every month. So, come Saturday…Ultimate Insiders will not be paying for the front end or advanced of Zoom.  They’ll get the download page in their member area. But they can become you.  Go here:

Personal Note    

I know that as a marketer, you’re supposed to talk about how you’re “grinding” and you don’t own a television.  I get it. But there was so much to be seen in “The Last Dance” when it comes to Michael Jordan that I had to trick my college aged daughter into watching it. And I let her draw her own conclusions rather than me swooping in with deep analysis and a long Dad lecture. 

But what I appreciate about this dude is that he was focused on getting better as his body moved against him. And I think about that when I have to get my mind to do more in our business when, at the same time, I need a Tile to find my keys and cell phone. I too have to learn to market better, every day…without gimmicks. 

When you see all of the people doing virtual summits, don’t worry.  In another few years, they’ll move on to the next hot thing. But you and I will be there to do them based on the foundations I give you in the “8 Ways of Summit Monetization” bonus when you get Aurelius’s guide. You do, though, want to get it before midnight and the launch pricing ends.  Go here to get it directly: