There is a release today on the subject of Zoom.  And, yes, we did a set of videos earlier this year in 2020.  However, I recognized you may not have another set of Zoom videos that I did. So, I am adding it, plus searchable access and the machine transcription when you get today’s package….go here to get it: 

Or go straight to the page, here:

Sales Funnel Playbook PLR 

I am still in a race to complete the entire package for Sales Funnel Playbook PLR.  It is taking me a little longer than I thought, but I will be ready to release it by Thursday. That said, it will be released to Ultimate Insiders definitely. And then again to the public on Thursday.   This is one of the ways that I can walk through the entire process of setting up your sales funnel.  And then not leave anything out. 

We are at a point in our industry where we are starting to believe that the software can do it all.  Or the SAAS platform can do our thinking for us. The problem is, we have super leaky funnels. At least once you have this PLR, you’ll be teaching the right thing. To get it as an Insider, go here: