Recently, I have been listening to the audiobook version of Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson.  And he expressed something that I have been saying to you recently. He imagined Mark Zuckerburg as Thanos and that he (Zuckerburg) could snap his fingers and take out about a gazillion businesses all at once. It doesn’t matter what you think about him. If you are depending on using his platform for free to build your business, all he has to do is change his mind about something and…poof. You and your students are no longer in existence. 

My spin on this is always whether you should trust any man or woman that has five Infinity Stones, trying to get six. You know the answer to that and I’ve been trying to say this to you in as many ways as possible. So, while you have your FB groups or pages, YT channels and all of that, your goal should be to get those people into your house. That’s what building a Learning Center is all about. 

On the 4th of July, I gave you a Learning Center starter kit.  This means that when people first enter, you’ll have content for them. I’ve re-opened this for 48 hours at the launch price. Get it here:

E-Learning Playbook: Building Out Your Learning Center 

I was asked by an Ultimate Insider this year about whether or not there was an Upsell or OTO to E-Learning Playbook. I’d said no, but that has been bugging me to no end. But I realize that while ts solves a specific problem that PLR users have in general and video PLR owners have in particular, there are other problems to solve. But those will not make sense to you until you solve the problem of: 
1) How to take advantage of all of your video PLR
2) How not to waste time rebranding all of the individual videos 

This is what was addressed in E-Learning Playbook. If you’re even thinking about changing my voice to yours or you’re teaching your students to do this, you want to make sure you understand this.  Go here to get a deeper understanding:

Personal Note 

I was thinking today that I may not close out the 4th of July sale once 48 hours is over.  I didn’t know until I read Fred Ferguson’s email ironically how much was even in the thing. So, what I think is that I will set the price to go up automatically at the end from $7.40 to $47. And $47 is still a bargain if what Fred says is right and there is over 10G.  I think now it’s over 100+ videos with unrestricted rights. So, the clock is real. The ‘end’ is real, but it will still be available after the 48 hour period is over.   Get it now here: