There are times when I am asked whether or not I will sell the bonuses that I create. Typically the answer is no. 

However, for this year’s annual 4th of July sale, the answer will be yes. 

So, tomorrow morning I will do my annual 4th of July sale with a price of $7.40 for a ‘bag’ of some of my best bonuses.  They will have varying rights. Some will be repurpose rights. Some will be unlimted PLR Rights. Some will be retired PLR (I will un-restrict the rights). In some cases, what will happen is that I will un-restrict the rights of some content that I have given you access to in the past. You’ll get unlimited rights. If your rights were previously restricted, your 4th of July purchase will un-restrict them.

I’m not sure how long the sale will last. Ultimate Insiders will get a 20% discount on the content and I will tell you how to do so in a separate email.  If you’re not an Ultimate Insider and you’re wondering and waiting as to how you can become one, go here: