Since the launch pricing is ending tonight for the advanced version of Etsy PLR, I wanted to tell you what’s there.  (Note, if you already have the basic version, you can access the advanced version on the download page). Most importantly, I did a version of the course entirely in screenshots for the basic and advanced versions.  And it’s only available in the advanced version. That means that you could take the course, and turn it into PowerPoints and with the transcripts make a whole new version of the course.  Or give handouts, whatever you prefer. 

Now, if you’re an Ultimate Insider this doesn’t matter to you, because you received access in the Member area already (check there now). But if you’ve not yet signed up, the back end or advanced version will see its first price increase tonight at midnight EST.  So, make sure to get the basic and advanced here now:

Ultimate Insider Meeting at 7 PM EST – Check Your Inbox 

Tonight we’ll meet at 7 PM EST with insiders.  If you didn’t yet get the GoToWebinar Link, you can access it in two places: 
1) Inside of the Member Area
2) In your E-Mail at about 11 AM EST 

We’ll go over the new member area tonight as well as to take your questions. We’ll also take one member’s question in particular on getting started.  To become an Insider when we re-open the program…make sure you’re signed up here so that you can hear about it first:

Aurelius’ PLR – Our Videos 

Aurelius’ recently release a guide that didn’t sound fancy fancy, but is a solid topic that your customers will be interested in.  However, if you’re going to use it, then make sure that you also use the videos that we’re giving you to go with it. That is whether you choose to sell it or use it as content. Either way, we passed on to you videos to train on two topics (both very important when it comes to what Aurelius’ PLR is teaching. First, we’re giving you access to content explaining the Zoo/+ marketplaces.  Basically, us as IMers. On the back end, we give you access to how to use alternative funnels.  Once again, very important to boosting your online income.   Because if you can do (and teach your customer) to do the little things right, you don’t need a hit a home run every time out.   Go here to get it:

My Two Cents 

Everybody and their momma is recommending Arun’s PLR.  So, rather than talk too much about it, I’ll just refer you to my resource page.  No need to hear me blather. Go here: