It would be nice if everyone was level headed and made 100% rational decisions. But you know that isn’t true and unlikely to be true of your customers. Most of the time we human beings make decisions out of fear of some kind.  And the fact is that you probably won’t ever sell anything to these people if you assume they’re logical. 

When it comes to your membership, you should have lots of content available at a glance.  And what happens is that sometimes a person won’t leave because they have FOMO (fear of missing out). That’s okay though if what you’re trying to do is positive and effective.  You’re actually doing them a favor. 

We’ve got a package that you can use in order to fill your video Learning Center membership at the beginning before you even start adding in new content.  You can do it with this package of 100+ unrestricted rights PLR videos. I’ve re-opened it for 48 hours, go here to get it: 

And actually to say that I’ve re-opened it, isn’t fully accurate.  Because yesterday I decided that I am not going to close it. Since I’ve backdated the price to the level that it was when I launched it…what I’m going to do is set it so that the pricing automatically goes to $47 when the clock on the page goes to zero. So, yes…you’ll see the offer again, but at a much higher price.   To get it now, go here: