The key to thinking about traffic in the future–whether it’s to your Learning Center, or to whatever it is that you’re doing–is to become ‘media.’ That means you and I need to think more like a media company and less like a business. I will be explaining this over the next couple of months, just as I did E-Learning Playbook.  It will be the sequel to E-Learning Playbook. 

But, as I talked about yesterday, there is one small part to being media that you and I definitely need to teach, and that is podcasting. I’ve written out a full presentation based on my own personal experience that I will give to you when you pick up the podcasting PLR being released today.  It covers: 
1) 5 non-traditional ways to promote your podcast
2) 2 non-traditional ways to monetize your podcast 

I’ll also give you 5 audio case studies of individuals that used audio in their business to boost sales and rights to the recordings. Get our bonuses and the PLR here: