There used to be a popular song by Prince protege Shelia E. called “Glamorous Life” that was a hit a while back. The title reminds me of what people used to think about working from home in general and earning from home specifically. 

Now (post pandemic) that they have a realistic sense of what that means they’re looking at ways they can take “earn” concept and make it more real. There is a guide that has been released that will help you to reach these people with PLR rights.  We’ve added in 25 videos with unrestricted PLR rights, along with a download page protection plugin to use.   See them both here: 

You can go direct to the page here:

Tomorrow Teams Goes Up in Price 

To be fully up front, we are going up in price tomorrow on Teams.  So this is just fair warning.  As we speak, I am getting ready to release our next set of videos on Etsy (Teachable after that).
 So, rather than wait until the last minute to tell you, I want to give you plenty of notice here. This is our series of 20 over-the-shoulder video tutorials on the process of setting up Microsoft Teams.  Go here to get access:

The Insider Path 

If you are an Insider, I want to remind you that a new member area is available to you as promised.  And you’ll find Microsoft Teams available to you there as well. The last thing for me to build out is the Community Forum.  Once that’s done, I will be ready to start having some Insider specific conversations there as well as to do discussions free of the noise of social media. 

I have been thinking about a specific business model that I have been wanting to say was the signature plan that I suggest that everyone follow.  Until I realized that I’ve already done that. If you have E-Learning Playbook, you already know what I think you should be doing with your video PLR.  Get it here: