To teach social media, we recently put together a set of resources that you can use as part of your coaching program or membership.  We decided that these were resources that fit well together and gives you a good perspective on the subject.

In Case You Missed It   There was recently a video content course that I recommended a few weeks back.  Once the time period ended, he took the offer down as he promised he would.  

I guess others bugged him about making it available again.  So, if you missed it the last time…you can get the content here.   It’s all about how to be effective in using YouTube. It’s a companion subject to our social media set here:

We Also Did Social This Week   As you know, we also did our own social content this week. We discussed how you and your customers can learn to create a bot for your Facebook pages.   This is an interesting phenomenon that I have generally been overlooking. 

I think I better understand the potential of it now having gone through the process of seeing how it works.   Whether you are into this kind of thing or not, it is what people want to know. You’ll want to add this to what you’re teaching people about Social here:

How to Put It to Use   It may be that you want to take putting this to use one step further.  Maybe you’d like to do these as a service.   I recently saw that there was something that a guy I used to know well from my offline PLR days.  He is always testing and finding new ways to work with local business owners.  

He apparently has taken this idea that I taught in the PLR course and turned it into something he does for clients.  He’s put flowcharts and checklists together showing you what to do for the people and in what order to do it in, here:

Personal Note   The week ended with me no closer to Ergo-heaven.  I was able to order an Ergo-Arm for my mouse and shoulder.   I’m also using the more textbook posture that one is supposed to use.  For good measure I picked up some hand grips to use in between videos.  

But I am no closer to a desk and chair and it probably won’t happen now that I am well into the next course for Thursday (Slack) as well as hopefully a PLR Show interview (if I can nail the guy down).  

I really want to have time to talk to this guy because he has what I think is a very interesting way for you to use your videos.  We’ll see if I can actually nail this fellow down