Tonight I did a live broadcast to talk about the decision making process you want to go through when you are thinking about whether or not to get and use a tool for your PLR business.  My thoughts aren’t the same as others on this because: 
1) I don’t assume you want to be in the Zoo/W+ niche
2) I don’t assume you want to sell to IMers like you and I 

So, that means that what I say may run counter to people that you respect and I respect.  That said… If you’re ultimately after some kind of continuity income here is how I would prioritize the software offerings: 

Page Builder Platform: CloudFunnels 

I did a demo of what you should be thinking about here: 

And I also demonstrated the installation to your own hosting platform here:

Learning Center: Coachzippy 

This is now available as a bonus for you inside of Ultimate Insiders:

The Course Delivery Platform 

What you’d use this for is to deliver your actual course content.  I wouldn’t use this as my learning center.  But I would use it to deliver one course at a time:

Tonight’s Training 

In tonight’s training I talked about the necessity to understand the software purchase process.  If you were not able to see it, go here: