The real cooks in my house have determined that the meal will be in the oven by 11 AM-ish.   That means my work pretty much has to be done by 3-ish. So, we will do the Thanksgiving training that I promised at noon today.  You can catch it on our YouTube channel, in the group or on Zoom. We’ll go maybe 30 minutes at maximum.    

Black Friday For the PLR Show Community 

We opened our Learning Center earlier this month as a Black Friday offer.  It will be available along with unlimited PLR. Pricing goes immediately to $47 after this Monday, $97 for the month of December and $197 annually and $297 (one time) at the beginning of the year.  Go here to get access to stream our video training and get unlimited rights to other content:

The Best Version of the Learning Center 

The best version of the Learning Center is within the Ultimate Insider member area.  This will give you: 
1) Streaming Access to All of My 2020 and beyond courses
2) Streaming Access to Retired Courses 

In addition to getting access to our Video PLR. Get signed up here:

Omar Martin’s PLR Offer + Our One-on-One Coaching Offer 

We were thinking about doing a big bundle to give you along with Omar’s PLR deal.  But you’re already getting quite a bit of stuff with it. So, I didn’t think that would be helpful to you. 

Since the offer he’s putting together isn’t cheap, I think the best thing for me to do is to spend an hour with you helping you with this PLR or whatever you want to do for the new year. You can use the hour for whenever you want or whatever you want, actually.  You can “bank” it for when you want or need it. Our current personal one-on-one coaching program is $525 for 30 minutes weekly, so this would be a bit of a break on the pricing and without a monthly commitment. 

Omar is doing a webinar tonight where he will pitch you on making the purchase.  If you don’t like that kind of thing, you can just wait until afterward or get it tomorrow. I don’t know him personally, but he and his wife reached out to me to explain to me about this offer.  He told me that there are 55 video trainings that he has done and had transcribed and productized. I am cool with that and see how you could benefit.  It’s possible I may even get it for myself (finding time to use it is an issue for me). 

So I asked him for access to a presentation that he did at an event I attended in 2015.  I’ve talked about this over the years in my training as one that you should hear. His wife and assistant passed it on to me last night. So, I’ll give you that too when you get his PLR deal. Here is the link:

Francis’s PLR Software 

Francis Ochoco often teams up with Diego Duarte to create PLR software.  He has an interesting set of tools for you to help those in your universe that purchase PLR. We’re adding to this by giving you 20 over-the-shoulder videos on Aweber.  If you get the advanced version, we’ll give you the advanced videos. Go here to get Francis’ Software: