We are running a little late with our newsletter
tonight. However, we still felt it was important
to remind you that our 4th of July event is
nearing the end.

The buttons will remain but will no longer
provide access once it ends. As I have been
saying it’s a possibility that these bundles
will come back in another form…but it’s
not currently on the table right now.

Go here to see everything now.

Strategy Note

We have been suggesting
that you use the theory in order to make
our technical tutorials more appealing.
The way to do that is to get content with
good graphics and text so that you can
repurpose for your specific needs.

A number of the tutorial packages that
you already have from us can be
pre-sold using pdf based PLR as well
as it’s accompany videos. Most
recently, we provided you additional
resources to help you to use the
bundle on the subject of video.

Training Note

In our live training
yesterday, we talked about what we’ll
be doing next inside of our private
discussions. You can still see before
tomorrow, when we start Phase two.

All of this takes place inside of our
group. We’re working up getting
things over to our training channel

If you’d like to see the rest of our
training in the group, all you’ll need
to do, once you’re in is to click on
the “Videos” link. You’ll then see all
or the video training available there.

Personal Note

Today, I was all set
to write out the newsletter when I
heard next to my desk in the base-
ment…the water and rain crack
through our Egress window. So,
I had to run out to get soil quickly
to grade it up before we had a
real crisis.

Laurel and the girls were bailing
water out of the window while
I ran out to Home Depot and
while I was smoothing about
160 pounds of top soil in place.

And that wasn’t even the best

While Sydney and I were
smoothing in the dirt, I heard
a shriek from the basement.
I was informed by Lana that
a FROG hopped through the
Egress window into the

(You can’t make this stuff up

Laurel, in her years at the
boarding school with high
school boys seems to have a
built up immunity to critters.
So, she was able to trap
the thing before I was able
to get down there.

And for you animal lovers…
YES, I have reverence for life.
So, I didn’t end the frog’s life…
(even though he was tech-
nically an intruder) I let him go

This is the reason I’m so late
in getting this newsletter out
to you today. I had a clever
way of leading into why I think
you should get the checklistPLR.

But that’s all out of the window
for now. No pun intended.