This weekend I was sidelined by my gallbladder, so I didn’t finish the E-Learning Playbook over-the-shoulder PLR videos.  So, we’ll have to put them on the back burner for now and move on to complete the Mailchimp videos this week. So, not today, but next Monday, we’ll have Mailchimp PLR videos for you.  Ultimate Insiders will have this content added to the December 2020 Folder when complete. 

What Will I Get if I Sign Up as an Insider Now? 

What you’ll get as an Ultimate Insider when you sign up now is November’s PLR video title, which is Thinkific. Also, you’ll have access to: 
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2) License to Vidscribe (if still available)
3) License to CoachZippy (if still available)
4) License to Linguascribe (if still available)
5) License to Webinarloop (if still available)
6) 15-minute onboarding call
7) Monthly Q and A Webinar
8) Discounts on any 2020 PLR that you don’t have
9) Training materials from my local workshops 

You’re also getting VIP Support which means that you can ask any question even if it’s not tech related. To get signed up, go here: