In case you missed my messaging, I have a special bonus for you when you get the most recent release from Aurelius. I will be doing a training showing you the new planning tools (or new to me) that connect to Microsoft Outlook to extend its reach. You will get full PLR rights to the training and be able to use it however you see fit. Go here to get full access: 

Warming Up to Teachable 

The more I dig in to Teachable, the more I warm up to it. There actually is a lot to like if you’re building a Learning Center.  I was thinking that you’d have to start out at $100 monthly, but in doing the advanced videos, I built out the basis for a Learning Center for only $29. Once you got going, you could bump up to $100 to remove their branding.  And given that they pay you into your bank account through their Stripe account, it actually can work.

So, make sure to go through to get the advanced version. Ultimate Insiders will get the content first since it goes first to the members.  But there will be a special opening early next week before the launch which I will be spelling out to the people signed up here:  

The PLR Hackathon Session Two 

In the most recent PLR Hackathon, we reviewed the fact that you need to work through your existing tools before you go buying new ones to build out your Learning Center. If you do things in the order that I went over in the session, you will certainly not only save money but time also. And you could be on the way to have a multi-video site. 

But next week is a critical week.  While every session is important, you really need to be involved to work in the next week. My suggestion is that you get here now and start by going to the download page and watching Sessions One and Two. Yesterday was a bit over 50 minutes, but there won’t be any future sessions longer than that.  This is doable.  Go here to get on and get started: