There will be several upgrades and updates for Video PLR users during the month of May.  Before I detail them for you, I have a few reminders. 

First, I did a session last night on Monetizing Your Virtual Summit based on my personal experience.  You can watch that session inside of the check-in area of Aurelius’s Virtual Summit PLR. If you pick up the video/advanced version, I have edited the recording and given you the PowerPoint presentation so that you can use it to teach your customers. 

If you have our Virtual Summit Playbook, there is overlap.  That said, I didn’t take the content from the product. I wrote this from scratch to help the Insiders get inspired to do their own summit (something I’m really pushing this year) 

Get Aurelius’s PLR and our resource here: 

You can also go directly to his page here:  

Upgrades for Ultimate Insiders 

This weekend, I will be adding in the Community Portal to Ultimate Insiders.  We will determine for the next 60 days if this is a platform that we want to operate or keep.

This is so that we can openly communicate apart from social media and so that you can find help and partners amongst other Insiders.  I’d also like you to have a place where Laurel and I can update you on a regular basis. 

In addition, we will be adding a formal Video Search area for you to find PLR training from our archives. 

Remember, as long as I have licenses, you have available to you: 

1) Access to a Cloud Based Learning Center, and

2) Access to a Transcription and Translation Application 

Just write me in Support to add you to one or both of them.

This month I’ll be updating Zoom (part of your membership) and doing a fresh new PLR title.  I’ll also be doing some training here in Harrisburg that you can sit in on or design your own training based on mine. To become an Ultimate Insider, if you’re not one already, go here:

Last Day for Cloud Storage App Launch Pricing

 Today is the last day for launch pricing of the Cloud Based storage application.  We have a set of resources that we’re adding to you when you pick it up. Go here to get it: