Gumroad is up next for next week for your April 2021 Folder Content.  I am working on the videos right now.   If you’ve not picked up our current Video course on StreamYard, go here to get it: 

Or you can get StreamYard and Gumroad (when it is released) by becoming an Ultimate Insider here:

Other PLR Content Available Now 

Tiffany Lambert has released PLR content that will teach your customers how to do Google Reviews.  This is a very interesting niche topic that may fit your audience depending on what you’re teaching them. I’ve also added in some PLR software that you can see to your customers.  What it does is compress Mp4 files. This could be beneficial even if you don’t want to sell it but use it for yourself.  You’ll see a link to this software on the Tiff page. Go here and get both:

In Case You Missed My Interview with Amy Harrop 

I am also reposting my interview here with Amy Harrop who has Tip Creation software which you can use to beef up your offers. Again this depends on the niche, but her package does allow you to upload your own tips to create a Cheat Sheet. Go here to get the software: