Yesterday, I checked in with the folks at Kaptiwa because they ran a special with Zoo.  I asked them if I could pass along the same special to you and they agreed. So, the deal to get 67% off is back if you want additional hosting for your Video Learning Center.  So, in effect you can use their code and still get the additional resources we put together. Make sure to put these codes in at checkout to see the price reduction (you won’t see them on the page). 

For the Starter: Use Coupon “jvzsplstart”
For the Commercial: Use Coupon “jvzsplpro” 

Or go straight to the page here:

Cloud Storage Added for Ultimate Insiders 

I have added on some MaxDrive cloud storage for you as an Insider.  For one of us to set you up with it, please feel free to write to us in Support. I would suggest you use this to deliver files for your select VIP clients. 

Note: There is a bit of a process to set you up.  It isn’t quite as easy or seamless as adding you to the Cloud Based Video Learning Center or Translation Desktop App. So, we may need a little longer than usual to respond to your request.  We appreciate your understanding in advance. 

If you’re not an Insider, you can still sign up and get our Software Bonuses which you do keep as long as you remain a member. Our Insider benefits are growing.  Here is what you’re getting: 
1) One Full Funnel Every Month
2) All of Our Video Updates
3) One Promotional Interview
4) One 15 Minute personal Onboarding Call
5) One Monthly Q and A
6) PLR Training Search By Keyword
7) Access to the software suite while licenses last. 

But Laurel and I have some real good stuff planned for you coming up.  That list is just the “stuff.” Go here to get it:

This Struck a Nerve 

We’ve had quite a bit of feedback on our Information Overload Session.  And actually, I looked back at an email that I sent and realize that I didn’t even point everyone to it. If you’ve not yet seen it, I will give you access to it here. You don’t really have to watch it.  It’s audio, so you can let it play in the background while you work or play it in your car if you have bluetooth connected to your mobile. And I’ll be curious as to what you think.  Once you’ve seen it, please hit “reply” and write back. Go here to see it:

Personal Note 

I confess I am behind on building out the community for Insiders that I wanted to start.  I was going to do this on a cloud based service, but Laurel pointed out to me that doing yet another different site apart from the actual membership wouldn’t give it a chance to thrive.  I agreed. 

So, what I’m doing is looking for the right format so that everything can be centralized on the Insider site. I was reminded of this yesterday when I did a promotional interview with one of our Insiders.  You’ll see her interview in a few days.   In editing the interview, I have to say…We have some absolutely seriously dynamic people inside and I believe we’ll see some cool networking and collaboration. So, please forgive me for the delay, but I think that Laurel’s suggestion is wisest.  We’ll get this done.