The videos that we told you about earlier this week, we have unrestricted the rights to them.  That means that you can offer them to your customer with full PLR Rights or even Master Resell Rights. However that’s only if you get them here:

Did You Get Our Most Recent Release? 

It already seems like an eternity ago (it has, in fact, only been a week), but I’m wondering…did you get our most recent PLR release on Zoom? This is a ground up new version.  So, even if you have the 2019 version, this 2020 version will bring you up to date, and in many ways is much better than the one I did before. The reason is that I had a chance to work with Zoom over the course of the year.  And there are a few twists that will be hard for your customer to figure out without our course. It’s still available here:

A Blatant Contradiction 

I am going to disobey the rules here and do what copywriters and even a mentor/coach says not to do. You’re not supposed to stop somebody when you’ve told them what to do to get something you have, like I just did when I told you to get Zoom (above). But if you don’t have Zoom, yet, I am going to suggest that you NOT do what I said up there. I think the best way to get it is to be an Ultimate Insider. 

Right now, it’s part of the membership and available inside. As An Ultimate Insider, you get one Full Funnel every month, as well as any updates to courses that I do.  So, no…don’t get Zoom up there.   Instead, get it here:

Personal Note 

 In the mornings I listen to SiriusXM online because it has the broadcast of my undergrad alma mater, the Wharton School’s Business Radio. Today, one of the guests who works for a governmental agency was talking about what the thought a world recovery would look like. At the end, he talked about the disconnect between the stock market and what was happening on Main Street. And that if there is a recovery, it must also happen on Main Street. So, I think you and I are going to be pretty pivotal in that. 

Whether you work with online businesses or brick-and-mortar owners (or hybrids), we need to teach people what they need to do to their stuff out there. Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to watch our session on Information Overload.  I think it’s important because literally the entire world is depending on you and I to get out of our own way and start teaching them how to do what WE already know to do.