There was once this unique thing called a virtual summit.  In 2020, though, it became the “thing” that everyone is doing.  Some very popular marketers began to teach it as a ‘method’ and they’re now all over your newsfeed and mine. 

So, eventually, the market will start to get summit fatigue. BUT–that still doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t do one.  In fact, you should. Having done some myself, I’d make three suggestions:

1) Lead with the subject and not with the ‘heads’
When I say ‘heads,’ I mean advertising the personalities and the experts.  You see them in the summit advertisements with 20 to 30 headshots.   But you have to decide whether you want your guests’ groupies on your list or whether you want the people that are interested is solving a problem.  Sometimes it’s the same and sometimes it isn’t. At minimum you have to give this some serious consideration.  Your guests’ groupies won’t stay on your list in many cases. Let your guests promote themselves to their audience.  But you promote the subject that generates leads for YOUR business. 

2) Don’t call it a summit 
Call it something else.  Come up with something different. 

3) Do something in addition to ‘interviews’ 
Do something entertaining.  Think Shark Tank, Dancing with the Stars or some other reality TV show.  Yes, you definitely want to have experts, but you need a ‘hook’ to make people want to come other than to hear experts. If you do (and teach your customer to do) these 3 things, PLUS the things I suggest in Virtual Summit Playbook PLR, I think you will accomplish your goals with a ‘summit’ even if there is summit fatigue. Go here to get it:

Finishing Sales Funnel Playbook PLR 

This weekend, I will complete the videos for Sales Funnel Playbook PLR.  I found it very difficult to keep the front end video course down to one hour in 20 videos, but I did it (it was 6 minutes over, actually). When I have time, I’ll show you some of the videos. It’s different from the course I did years back, in which I did way too much talking and not enough over-the-shoulder.  This one is all over-the-shoulder. The course will be released first to Ultimate Insiders, and then I’ll pick a date to release it to the public.  So, get it first by becoming an Ultimate Insider here:

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The other is a business model package release by Francis Ochoco.  We have a resource package for that also.