The title I would give to you and I when we fully embrace what it means to build out an niche based learning center is CTO.  And no, I don’t mean Chief Technology Officer. I mean Chief Teaching Officer. 

Whether you have as few as one video PLR title, or as many as 100, you (like me) are a CTO.  And our job is to make sure that when it comes to marketing a business of any kind that we’ve got “Netflix for _________ (your chosen niche)”. That’s what I lay out for you to do and to teach in E-Learning Playbook.  Make sure you’ve got the right context here:

Go Nuts With ELP 

When you’re trying to figure out how to go from 0 on your list, to getting people into your Learning Center and paying you monthly…the key is credibility. How do you build it over a short period of time? You have to do an Ocean’s 11/12/13–you have to work hard to build up a digital event and then it can happen. Now, people are only going to see the event. They won’t see the work you or your customer put into it. To teach this concept, use our PLR:

Ultimate Insider Maintenance 

Every night between 8 PM EST and midnight EST the next day, I may be doing maintenance on the member area. So, if you go in and see something that doesn’t look right or you need something,just reach out via Support. I’ll get you taken care of. We are starting to get close to the new area and features.  Now that Insiders is closed to the public, I think you’ll find it will be well worth the wait. 

If you’re waiting to sign up when we reopen, you can get a glimpse of what our Q and A Training will be like through my daily videos that are released in the Facebook group and on my training channel. Go to the live channel page here at 8 PM EST:

Laurel Harper, International Woman of Mystery 

If we just told you Laurel’s origin, you’d make guesses about what she may be into, but likely you’re wrong.  You wouldn’t know that she worked for an engineering firm; then Arthur Andersen, accounting firm; and then, like me, spent 13 years as a boarding school houseparent. And even if you knew her as a homeschooler, you’d still only have her half pegged…but even then she didn’t fit the mold. 

So, hearing that she will sometimes watch Homesteading videos would seem a little far out. Or would it? These days, people are getting into it and if you have content on your site, you may attract people like Laurel without knowing it. Go here to get it: 


PS…Tomorrow night is the last day for launch pricing on the WordPress videos.  Get them here: