What Excuse Do You Make When Asked If You've Launched Your Own Digital Product And You Haven't Got One?

  • Develop your digital product from a mere idea to a market-ready asset.
  • Gain direct access to expert knowledge with live, interactive sessions.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of revisiting course material anytime within Harper Academy.
  • Receive personal responses to your queries, fostering confidence and clarity.
  • Gain potential access to an established audience and affiliate network post-course completion.

Unlock Your Digital Potential

Imagine translating your wealth of experience and professional acumen into a digital product that not only contributes to the vast online learning ecosystem but also solidifies your legacy in the digital marketplace. This is not just a lofty goal; it's a tangible achievement within your reach.

Your Guide to Digital Product Mastery

Introducing 'PLR Boss' - a comprehensive live course meticulously crafted by a seasoned digital product creator with a portfolio of over 200 launched products. This course is tailored for individuals like you—professionals seeking to pivot their expertise into a digital format, thus amplifying your knowledge.

Experience Tailored Learning with Recorded Sessions

'PLR Boss' will guide you through 7 live, insightful sessions where I will personally lead you from conception to the triumphant launch of your digital product. Each session is recorded and housed within the secure confines of Harper Academy, facilitated by the esteemed Teachable platform. This structure ensures you have the flexibility to learn at your pace and revisit the material as needed.

Engage in a Supportive Learning Community

Your enrollment goes beyond the live sessions. It opens up a dialogue—via Teachable—where you can pose questions and seek clarifications, guaranteeing a learning experience that is both communal and personalized.

Exclusive Affiliate and Network Opportunities

Upon completing the course, and subject to product vetting, your work may find a place in front of my audience through my affiliate support, and additionally, I will introduce your offering to our extensive network of JVs and affiliates. This bonus is invaluable, offering a launchpad that many spend years trying to build.

Bonus Resources to Amplify Your Success

Furthermore, with your purchase, 'PLR Boss Live' buyers will receive three curated products with resell rights valued at $64. These resources serve dual purposes: as learning tools or as integral components within your product. They include the 'PLR Playbook,' 'The PLR Rebrand Masterclass,' and 'PLR Set Up Masterclass'—all of which outstrip the investment of $97 for the course itself.

An Invitation to Begin Your Digital Journey

Your journey with 'PLR Boss' begins today and extends until you deem your product ready. And once the live teaching concludes, the course investment will graduate to $197. I invite you to seize this opportunity to unlock your digital potential at its inaugural price.

Four Live In-Depth Sessions on Launching Your PLR Product
Attend Live or Watch the Recording

Session One: Building Affiliate Relationships

Session Two: Developing a Niche Product USP

Session Three: Creating an Offer

Session Four: Creating Pages

Basic and Advanced Versions of Our Resell Rights PLR

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We Do Not Refund Downloadable PLR for Any Reason