Launch Price Ends In...

Ready To Bring All of Your "OLD" PLR to Life?

Instantly Access Four Live Sessions with Instantly Actionable Steps to Maximize Your PLR Using AI - Even If It's Ten Years Old...

Discover the Step-by-Step Technical Processes to Turn Your PLR into a Business You Are Proud Of and Use the Resell Rights to Teach Your Customers the Same Process

AI Has Changed the Game

  • PLR Video Editing Is now made easy (If you how)
  • PLR Audio Editing Is now made easy (If you know)
  • PLR Graphics can now be remade (If you know how)
  • PLR Sales Copy is now made easy (If you know how)_

Written PLR is Easy and Understandable...But What About PLR Audio and Video?

Most people understand how to take an eBook an article or a printable and turn it into something for their business.  But whether it's you or your customers, getting the most from your PLR Videos and Audios is not obvious and if you don't have the technical skills can be overwhelming.

It Takes Technical Computer and Mobile Skills to Turn it Into a Unique Digital Product...Do You Have the Skills?

I don't want to scare you off.  I WANT you to success with your PLR Videos and your Audios.  And I want you to get the most out of them, but it takes some technical skills that aren't obvious or taught in any one place.

We're Formally Trained to Teach You Practical Technical Fundamentals

Laurel and I spent four years at Duquesne University in a Doctoral Program for Instructional Technology.  Finished the coursework, passed comprehensive exams and then left before writing a dissertation.  But this is where we learned how to teach technology and have been doing it ever since 2007, on the college level and now for our Video PLR customers since 2011.

YouTube Trainers Won't Teach You This...

Of course, you can find people on YouTube to teach you AI and Video Editing and Audio Editing.  But you can leave just as confused as when you started because there is a methodology to teaching technology that MUST be followed if you (and your customers) are going to "get it".

It's a LIVE Step by Step Process For You To Attend or Conveniently Watch the Replay(s)

Once a week, I am going to take a piece of the process and demonstrate how to use the most effective tools to turn your PLR content...especially your video and audio content into useful practical stuff to use in your business.

But The New AI Driven PLR Process Can't Be Taught in One Hour...

We are set for four sessions...but you know what?  It could be longer.  And it isn't because I like to hear myself talk,  It's because we need to make sure that everything is covered.  And once you do this, you'll only have to learn this once.

Once you know it, you can use the Resell Rights to Teach (OR Sell) It To Your Customers

Once the sessions have ended, I will professionally edit them for you, blur and remove all personal references and then give you the videos for you to teach your customers this valuable process.

We've Taught Others Over the Years....We can Teach You Too


Your Step By Step Solution to Learning and Teaching the Technical PLR Process

  • Finally SEE Tangible Results In Your Online Business
  • Reduce the Stress In Getting All of Your Purchases In Position To Make Money For You
  • Eliminate Most If Not All of Your "Just Google It" Time

What You Get at the End of the Hackathon...A Detailed Step By Step Checklist to turn PLR Into Business Building Content

What Is the PLR Hackathon?  What's In It?

  • Live Recorded Webinars with Real Customer Questions and Answers
  • Mastermind Area for Neworking and Q and A
  • At The End: Edited Videos With Resell Rights ($47 Real World Value)
  • On Demand Replays Streamable from the Teachable Mobile Application
  • Resell Rights to Online Workshop Tutorials with 20 Step By Step Over the Shoulder Videos and Marketing Materials (Currently Selling for $27)
  • Unrestricted Rights to Online Workshop Playbook DFY Live Masterclass Content (Currently Selling for $37)

Your Limited Time Bonus: Resell Rights To the PLR We Are Using in the Hackathon

Basic PLR with 20 Over the Shoulder Videos and Marketing Materials

Unrestricted Rights PLR for our DFY LIVE Masterclass Content with Videos + Marketing Content

Unrestricted Rights To the Recordings, Transcripts and PowerPoint

Sales Page for the Workshop

Lead Magnet Page

Let's Put All This Into Perspective....

If all you did was to get the PLR (Currently selling at $64), and never attend any of the live sessions, never get my help to answer any questions and just wait until the end to get the edited sessions you'd still get way more value than you're paying for...

Remember Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase PLR Hackathon 2.0 Today...

  • Weekly Training To Organize Your PLR Based Business

    You will NOT use 90% the PLR once you’ve purchased if you miss doing what we’re going to be showing you in these sessions.

  • Webinars Taught By a PLR User and a PLR Creator

    Because we’re users of PLR and creators of PLR we have a unique perspective on the processes that can help you to turn your purchase into real income.

  • Flexible Replay System

    Each of the four training sessions will come with their own Private Replay area.  You’ll be able to watch them over and over again

  • During the Session: Q and A Mastermind

    While the live sessions are going on, ask questions in the Q and A Mastermind

  • Resell Rights + Checklist to the Edited Sessions At The End

    You’ll get Resell Rights to the Sessions At the End + a Highly Valuable Checklist of the Finished Process

  • Resell Rights to a Full Funnel of Our Premium PLR: The Online Workshop Playbook

    Get Resell Rights to the Basic and Advanced Version of our Online Workshop Playbook PLR