Tomorrow, we will be releasing our PLR Videos on Anchor.FM.  The platform is very cool for podcasting: 
1) It’s free to use and maintain
2) It’s a pipeline to Spotify
3) It takes little to no equipment 

We will have 20 over-the-shoulder videos on the subject, in addition to two bonus video courses, including: 
1) 20+ Videos on
2) 20+ Videos on 

To get them, be ready at 9 AM EST.   

There will be an advanced course that will show you how to apply what you learn in the Basic course.  It will come with some additional goodies, including: 
1) An extra hour of video content
2) An additional bonus course doing an interview show
3) Contextual Screen Capture Cheat Sheets for the Basic and Advanced versions 

As an Ultimate Insider, you don’t have to wait for this.  You already have access in your August folder of content. Go here to our Ultimate Insider Information Session to sign up: 

Go here to go straight the the Ultimate Insider page:

Something Special To Go with The PLR 

Tonight, I will be doing a workshop for my local Meetup to presell the Anchor.FM product.  Naturally, I won’t be selling it as PLR, I’ll be selling it as a regular product. Since I’m stuck with Teachable for a month that I purchased access to in order to complete our last PLR, I am going to put the course and the upsell in Teachable to make an offer tonight. So, I’ve written out a presentation that I will be using this evening. It’s not really appropriate for PLR, but I will be giving Ultimate Insiders a copy of this presentation along with the machine transcription. The process is one that I am documenting, though, for the Hackathon course.