Before I get into the meat of what I want to say today, let’s do a little housekeeping with three (2) items. 

One: This week, we released Canva content that you can use in your own videos….transcripts and contextual slides.  Go here to get it:

Two: I also recommended that you get Francis’ videos on funnel building.  I trust Francis so I added in 24 additional videos in 3 separate but related courses recorded by retired creator Stephen Luc. Those courses are available for you to download now with full PLR rights:

Three: Tiffany Lambert has released another limited to 50 package of her series on content creation.  This is part 5.  And you can actually still get parts 3 and 4 also before they sell out. Each one stand on its own, but I’m sure you can imagine that using the entire series will give you a higher quality interaction with your customer.  Go here:

Position Yourself as the Educator 

To try to give context to what I’ve been saying to you since I split with PLR Experts to rebuild The PLR Show is slightly different than a commonly used phrase: “Position yourself as the expert.” Functionally, the phrase that captures best what I’ve been saying to you about how to use your video PLR is to “position yourself as the educator.”  This is why I continually say to: 
1) Generate traffic from doing a weekly workshop
2) Build out a continuity offer with a video learning center
3) Use Netflix as your model and continually add value to it 

Once you do this YOUR own unique way, you won’t have to worry over your list nor your audience.  And PLR content that we produce are designed to help you to do that.  Sure, you CAN treat it just like every other marketer or business opportunity type. Nothing wrong with that…”baby’s gotta have shoes” and “people gotta eat.”  But that isn’t the highest and best use of the content you’re sitting on. If you shoot for short money you’ll get it. But short money only lasts for a short time before you have to learn or come up with another scheme to acquire it again. In a word…it’s doable, it works, but its also exhausting. And it will keep you addicted to purchase new methods and new strategies every time something gets saturated and stops working. Thus is the nature of the MMO market. 

But building an audience is as old as Socrates.  Having that audience support you as you serve them is just as old. It will never be saturated, it will never go away. And there’s room for everybody willing to put in the work. So, while we are providing you with one PLR package every month as an Ultimate Insider, there’s more going on than that. To help you to build out a business or part of a business that doesn’t exhaust you takes time to do. “Brick by brick” is how it’s done. You supply the effort, we’ll supply the bricks.   (Streamyard Video PLR is he the next brick). Go here to get signed up as an Ultimate Insider: