My colleague Tiffany Lambert lives in Texas and has just been through the ordeal that you’ve probably watched via the internet or television.  She’s got first hand experience to write the content she wrote (limited to only 50) about how to get through one of these experiencing. Not quite a “prepper” experience but relevant first hand experience on preparing for a disaster which you can get here:

Tonight’s Ultimate Insider Meeting 

Tonight at 7 PM EST, we will do our regular Ultimate Insider meeting.  We do a meeting/training at the end of every month on the last Monday of every month. Tonight, we’ll discuss Specific Insider benefits for the New Xtreme Business Makeover 2.0 as well as the Certifications that you are now allowed to use to put your sales page (since we’re now doing them). We’ll also briefly discuss the upcoming titles that will be available.  We just completed Clubhouse To be on the call, sign up here and then go to the February 2021 Folder to access the link: 

To here about the Upcoming Xtreme Business Makeover 2.0, make sure to watch the training we did here: