Last night, I did a presell training of our Teachable PLR course for our local Meetup.  I have been talking about this the last couple of nights on our audio broadcast. Remember, last night’s training is really for you to look at so that you can figure out how to do your own presell workshops…not necessarily to learn from.   You’ll see how I do it so that you can figure out how you want to do it. To understand the business model of doing weekly workshops or to teach it to your customers, go here to get E-Training Playbook: 

To watch the training that I did last night, that I referenced above, go here: 

To follow my discussion on these weekly workshops, go here and subscribe at your favorite audio channel.  Although not everything I’ll be doing will be relevant to you since I am looking to attract a local audience, I will tell you everything that I am doing to promote the workshop day to day here. 

On Tuesday, I will teach The Product Snowball Formula to a second local Meetup (this one has 300 people), but the live lecture content will have to be re-made for a more general audience.  You may have purchased this when I was with PLR Experts.  It was a converted training of a concept I have taught over the years.  The issue is that I talked exclusively about MMO Platforms such as W+. For me to use it in my local area, it needs to be made more general.  Also, if I am going to basically teach the content for free, then I need a related offer that people will want once I’ve warmed them up by doing the training. So, I’ve decided to do a set of over-the-shoulder videos so that I will have an offer for my Tuesday Meetup when I re-teach this course. 

For Ultimate Insiders 

Although I will technically complete this during March, I will include the following in the February 2021 Content Folder for Insiders. 
1.) The Product Snowball Live Presell Training
2.) The Re-Made PowerPoint
3.) The Training Transcript
4.) An Over the Shoulder Video Course for people outside of the MMO Niche 

To get this training, E-Training Playbook and the Teachable Pre-Sell Training make sure you’re signed up as an Ultimate Insider.  Go here to get signed up: