Last night’s training was all about what you can do to presell the PLR offers that you have from us or anyone else. I asked the question on last night’s call and the consensus was that getting things ready for sale was an issue: 
1) If you wanted to sell to a business audience 
2) If that business audience was broader than the opportunity seekers in Zoo/W+. 

In fact, most of the people that attended were interested in a more diverse audience of: 
1) Coaches
2) Local businesses that need to add digital 

Just to name a few…So, I discussed in detail WHY I decided to change Xtreme Business Makeover.  So much so that I am giving you the machine transcripts for all 52 weeks that I did when you get the Facebook E-Commerce PLR. Go here to get it: 

Last Night’s Training About Pre-Selling PLR Offers & the New Xtreme 

Last night, I outlined the new Xtreme Business Makeover 2.0 and how it will work. When I train on Tuesday nights I will be making offers to: 
1) People in my local Meetup
2) People from social media
3) People in a potential related niche that Laurel and I are thinking of going into (we’ve not fully decided) 

Everyone that is part of the PLR Show Community will be invited but you should come more as an observer than as an attendee.  You will know must of what I will be teaching. The goal will be to presell people on our courses.   Then, for each of these sessions, I will give you: 
1) The machine transcript (97% accuracy) rights
2) The PowerPoint script with rights 

How will this benefit you? You will be able to replicate this in your own niche or market but to put it in your own context to make offers of your own PLR in your own weekly workshop. Xtreme will “open” to the PLR Show Community when I have a set of four of these workshops to sell to you. Or you can get them as I complete them and bundle them if you are an Ultimate Insider. Ultimate Insiders will get Xtreme Business Makeover content in the normal monthly folders. Go here to become and Ultimate Insider: 

Go here to watch the training from last night: 

This Weekend: TikTok Instructional Over-the-Shoulder PLR Videos 

This weekend, I will release the TikTok Videos first to Ultimate Insiders, then to the community.  I have already sent out for the transcripts. While this is going on, I’ll be preparing for our Streamyard PLR Video set in terms of completing the videos.  This was a request from Ultimate Insiders for me to finish before I do Gumroad. This will become a companion to the set of videos that I recently completed on Clubhouse.  Make sure you’ve downloaded them here: