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"Get A High Quality Business In a Box PLR Package For An Product You Can Sell Over and Over Year After Year for 100% of the Profit"

Watch this Video to discover how you can show marketers how to create turn their digital information into high value physical products to sell

  • Market This Powerful PLR Under Your Own Name
  • Use The Selling Tools: Sales Video, Videos Sales Page, Video Mind Map
  • Maximize the Selling Process on a Live Set-Up Webinar
[PLR] The Print On Demand Playbook

This Awesome Business In a Box Package Can Help You to Build Your Authority AND Profits

  • Establish Trust

    Provide Reliable High Quality Information and Content That Your Customers Can Use With Confidence

  • Be An Authority

    Create A Presence In Your Niche By Tailoring the Information To Their Specific Needs

  • Keep All of the Profit

    Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor…100% of All you Sell Is Yours!

  • Sell To Hungry Buyers

    Get Started With Topics That Marketers Have Proven They’ll Buy

  • Build Your List

    Use The Content As Bait To Build A Huge Responsive List

  • Crush It As An Affilaite

    Use Your Content As a High Quality Bonus for Relevant Offers

Announcing A Powerful Training Product With YOU As the Creator That You Can Sell At 100% Profit

Sell To Authors, Coaches, Consultants, Marketers, Entrepreneurs Just to Name a Few

Marketers are awake now to the fact that they need to have their book in hand when they're invited to speak, when they meet somebody for the first time and when they want to leave a good impression.  Kindle is great, but they want something just as easy to create a physical copy of their book WITHOUT the sky high price tag that comes with publishing.

That's Where CREATESPACE Comes In...

Createspace allows anyone to write their book, put their own designed cover on it and sell it for whatever they think the price should be.  And they can print and order as few as one or as many as 10,000.  The process is totally customizable.

And this product will talk them through the process step by step giving them a clear path to getting their book published and then into their hands.  And for new authors or entrepreneurs where price is a concern, this video guide will take them by the hand and give them the guidance they need.

Become an Overnight Authority With Our UNIQUE and Simple To Use Selling & Branding Tools

We'll Make the Process So Simple Your Customers Will Thank You Over and Over Again...

That means that marketers can plan on having their own book without worrying about the technical details.  We are going walk them through it.  Once we're done, there will be no questions left on how to go from where they are right now to being a published author.

And you've got a full education right at your fingertips....

This is an over the shoulder video course walking them through each aspect of set up, follow through and getting published...

And that's just ONE aspect of this powerful video training...

What we're also going to walk your customer through each step of selling your product using a DVD or CD which will automatically increase the perceived value of their content.  We'll break down the mystery of Kunaki and have them selling their Content like a pro.

You now have the perfect solution to sell to them...  This guide to Kunaki and Createspace will help them.  and it will have your name on it.

You Can Now Cash In On the Animated Video Craze Too With This Awesome Package of Customer Joy!

  • 15 Dynamically Communicated Instructional Videos (One Hour Total Running Time)
  • 15 Companion Mp3 Audios
  • 10 Profit Pulling Article Series
  • Powerful Lead Generation Interview with Legend and Veteran Internet Marketer Amy Harrop
  • Live Profit Opportuntiies Webinar To Get You Started Selling Your Package
  • 4,000 Word E-Book Document & Companion Talking Points Presentation Slides
  • Three Master Resell Rights Bonuses to Start Marketing Your Package
  • Customizable Rebrandale Software for a 2nd Profit Opportunity

Here is What we Cover In This Non-Outsourced PLR Package...

Module Zero: Course Overview
Module Two: Creating Audio Content - Construction
Module Four: Creating Audio Content - Editing
Module Six: Creating Audiobooks
Module Eight: Creating Text Content
Module Ten: Transcribed Content
Module Twelve: Your Book On Create Space
Module Fourteen: Creating and Selling With Kunaki


Module One: Intro to Audio Content Creation
Module Three: Recording Digital Audio
Module Five: Processing Digital Audio
Module Seven: Creating Digital Video
Module Nine: Blog To Book
Module Eleven: Create Space Royalty Considerations
Module Thirteen: Selling DVDs on Create Space
Module Fifteen: Conclusion to The Print on Demand Playbook

Use Our Professionally Created
Graphics To Design Your Profits (PSD's Included)

Lead Magnet Expert Interview and Written Summary
Amy Harrop, AmyHarrop.Com

Customizable Lead Magnet Page

Make Sales With Our Profit Pulling Sales Page Template

Pinpoint Detail Checklist

4000+ Word Talking Points Presentation

10 Profit Pulling Non-Outsourced High Quality Articles

Live Profit Opportunities Webinar & Q and A

Full Customizable Createspace
2 Sided Book Cover Template with PSD

Three Master Resell Rights Bonuses For Your Customers and Affiliates....Start Selling Fast

Two Bonus PLR Strategy Training
Sessions with Charles Harper

Building Your Product Line
With PLR

Quick Start Set Up For Your
PLR Package

Okay Charles, This is a Great Deal..What Can All I Do To Make Money With This Package?

  • CERTAINLY, You can and should use the course for your own business!
  • You'll Make Out Like A Bandit If You Sell It in Dime Sale Events...Go For It!
  • Be Adventurous...Change It Into a Physical Product and Sell It Offline or At a Seminar
  • Take Charge, put your name on it as the author
  • Don't's flexible, so you can change stuff to make it fit your individual business
  • While you're at it, if you need to change it into a book, a long video or long audio; be my guest; they call that repurposing these days.
  • I'm all for getting more money, so combine it with another product and sell it at a higher price
  • Live that "affiliate lifestyle", use this product as a bonus for your affiliate offer
  • Bonuses make products HOT, so use this as a bonus on your launch
  • I could say more, but check out the certificate inside!
[PLR] The Print On Demand Playbook