Yesterday, we released Product Snowball Formula 2.0 over-the-shoulder instructional tutorial videos.  This 20 video course will show your customer how to repeatedly set up offers leading to continuity. Go here to get it: 

It’s also available for Ultimate Insiders.  To get it, make sure you’re signed up here:

My Buddy Joan 

Joan has been in the game of IM with me for over a decade I believe.  And we’ve always been hovering around the same market. Every year, she re-releases the PLR version of her Action Taker Software.  Depending on who you sell to, you can use it for different kinds of customer interaction. Go here to get Joan’s PLR software:

Zoom Crash for Last Night’s Broadcast 

Last night at the 8:30 PM EST Broadcast, Zoom crashed repeatedly so I had to get on from my mobile. I will have to redo the session either tonight or tomorrow.   I didn’t have my PowerPoint, but I did make the offer.  Go here if you want to see how I pitched Product Snowball Formula: