Yesterday, I showed you how you can use the webinar App being released today for the offers that you have (even your Learning Center). And we also gave you 20 lead magnet videos along with the machine transcriptions and PowerPoint script. This is so that you can use them in the application. Go here to see the demo before you get the app. (Note: There is a $4 coupon valid only until 5PM EST. Pricing goes up to $31 and the coupon code down to $3. You will see it on the page.) 

Or go direct to the application page:

A Little More About Our Bonus 

I went back to hand select some of my lead magnet videos that were flexible enough for you to tweak to use with multiple offers. There are 20 in this bundle. In most cases, you’ll be able to use my video as is to pre-sell your offers. But in other cases, you can use the transcript and the PowerPoint script to tweak it to your specification. Go to get them here with the app: 

PS…Tomorrow is the last day for launch pricing for the Google My Business content that I have been telling you about.  Go here to get it before the deadline: