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Mike Broadwell

The level of quality and depth of content in your PLR products is excellent for the price, and well above what I expected. Would recommend them to anyone looking to get a good start at creating useful content for your clients and customers.

Mike Broadwell, Breakthrogh Factory

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Podcasting is taking over radio as the way that people like to learn new things, stay informed and be entertained. Sports starts, actors and actresses, famous authors, start up entrepreneurs are all starting their own podcast.

Most of those people hire somebody to run the show, get it set up and keep technical details in order.  Why? Because it's a super-technical process with twists and turns. In fact, there are no two ways to do it right.

But for the folks that want to get started podcasting, but can't hire somebody...they have to do it themselves.  Ask anyone that's tried's not easy to get started, maintain it or even turn it over to somebody else.

All you have to do is show them how they can get started with the ease of going to YouTube or Facebook.  And you know what?   You can easily start doing that RIGHT now.

Blog Talk Radio, is as simple to use as any social network.  There is no fancy equipment needed...with a little guidance, you and your customers can be podcasting in less than one hour from right now.

You and Your Customers Can Become an Overnight Authority With Our Simple To Follow Training and Instruction

Ready to Be a Hero in Your Niche?

If someone were to take the time to walk them logically through the set up process they'd see the person who showed them as an expert.  In fact, they'd probably continue to reward that person with their attention and their future business.

But it would probably take hundreds of dollars to set up and thousands over time to maintain a full podcast and branding set up. That is if they don't use Blog Talk Radio.  Once you show them the ease of the platform, they can start their own show and be on equal ground with gurus and big players.

In these videos, we take your client through getting set up on Blog Talk Radio, showing them everything they need to know to get started.  More importantly, we show them WHY they need to use the tools that Blog Talk Radio has for them.  That way, they'll know (once they've finished the course) how to handle any situation doing their own podcast.

Don't worry, we put every step in here and if your clients follow them...they'll be podcasting in no time.

"Charles presents valuable information in a clear, easy to understand way...."

Jeremey Terrier

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Here's What You're Getting:

25 High Level Step by Step Over the Shoulder Videos

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Live Episode
  • Pre Recording Audio Content
  • Setting the Profile Link
  • Notifications Setting
  • Uploading Bumper Audios
  • If There is No Guest Call In Number
  • What Your Live Call Will Sound Like
  • Editing In Audio Bumpers
  • Using Video to Create Audio
  • Repurpose Your Podcast Content
  • Blog Talk Radio Network Promotion
  • Website Promotion
  • Setting Up Blog Talk Radio
  • Create a Pre Recorded Message
  • Blog Talk Radio Settings
  • Calling In Considerations
  • Show and Podcast Settings
  • Social Media Settings
  • Guest Call In Number
  • Record with Guest Caller
  • Download and Delete Your Episode
  • ReUpload to Blog Talk Radio
  • Submission To Itunes
  • YouTube Promotion
  • Monetization and Statistics

25 High Quality Mp3 Companion Audios

Live Pre-Sell Webinar + Recording

Professional Sales and Thank You Page

Lead Magnet Set Up Page

Affiliate Toolbox Page

Full Set of Professional Graphics and Banner Advertisements
Plus All of the Source PSD Files

TWO PLR Set Up Training Webinars

Ultimate PLR Set
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Ultimate PLR Profit
Opportunities Webinar

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Full Set of Super Fast Action
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Video Course

I have been on their list for over 3 years and he always puts out great info;paid or free it is all good.

Dale Cox
Bit Service Group

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