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Watch this Video to discover the power in having your own product and the expert help to use it in your business...

  • Sell a Powerful PLR Under Your Own Name, including Videos, Sales Pages, Mind Map, Checklist and Much More
  • Attend Live Virtual Workshops In The Comfort of Your Own Home With 10 Experts Turning Rebrandable Content Into Profitable Products and Brands

Two Powerful Components

Access To Live & Recorded
Virtual Summit Streams

Full Business In A Box
Package Video Course

Special Pricing Ends In...

Full Powerful PLR + Expert Training On Putting It To Use

  • Establish Trust

    Provide Reliable High Quality Information and Content That Your Customers Can Use With Confidence

  • Be An Authority

    Create A Presence In Your Niche By Tailoring the Information To Their Specific Needs

  • Keep All of the Profit

    Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor…100% of All you Sell Is Yours!

  • Sell To Hungry Buyers

    Get Started With Topics That Marketers Have Proven They’ll Buy

  • Build Your List

    Use The Content As Bait To Build A Huge Responsive List

  • Crush It As An Affilaite

    Use Your Content As a High Quality Bonus for Relevant Offers

Your Rebrandable PLR Product
"The 30 Day Branding Challenge"

Powerful "Challenge" Based Business in a Box

Most entrepreneurs have the drive and motivation to succeed, but lack the structure to do it. Now, you can sell a course to them, coach them use your blog to guide them or even have an e-course showing them how they can get their business branded.

This high level concept is broken down into 15 steps where at the end your buyer will not only understand their market, but have a plan for monetization too.   You'll be proud to put your name on this product and sell it for whatever you want to do with it.

You may want to sell your own coaching program with the balance of work for your students to learn some and then go through the pre-planned exercises. You could charge a premium fee for this kind of program to be completed by your customers over the 30 day period.

There are tremendous possibilities to sell the product as-is a video course with companion e-book or just as a daily coaching program. Because it's set as a branding challenge, it can be used in any niche.

This Full Business In A Box Video PLR Package Has Everything You Need for a Unique Presence In the Marketplace

  • 15 Dynamically Communicated Instructional Videos (One Hour Total Running Time)
  • 15 Companion Mp3 Audios
  • 10 Profit Pulling Article Series
  • Powerful Lead Generation Case Study Masterclass
  • Mind Maps and Checklists
  • 5,000 Word E-Book Document; Companion Talking Points Presentation Slides
  • Three Master Resell Rights Bonuses to Start Marketing Your Package

Here is What we Cover In This Non-Outsourced PLR Package...

Module One: Introduction of the 1000 True Fans Concept
Module Three: Building the Online Infrastrcture
Module Five: Finding The Problems In the Niche
Module Seven: Knowing the Customers of The Niche
Module Nine: Knowing the Numbers of the Niche
Module Eleven: Exponential Marketing
Module Thirteen: Joint Ventures for 1000 True Fans
Module Fifteen: Search and Social Media for 1000 True Fans

Module Zero: Course Overview
Module Two: Defining 1000 True Fans
Module Four: Narrowing Down The Niche
Module Six: Addressing the Problems In the Niche
Module Eight: Knowing the Numbers of 1000 True Fans
Module Ten: Goal Setting Based On The Numbers
Module Twelve: List Building for 1000 True Fans
Module Fourteen: Building A Value Platform

Use Our Professionally Created
Graphics To Design Your Profits (PSD's Included)

Customizable Lead Magnet Page

Make Sales With Our Profit Pulling Sales Page Template

Interactive Clickable Mindmap

Pinpoint Detail Checklist

5000+ Word Talking Points Presentation

Companion E-Book To the Presentation

10 Profit Pulling Non-Outsourced High Quality Articles

Your Live Virtual Summit Ticket: Turning Rebrandable Content Into An Awesome Brand

Experts Show You How You Can Use Rebrandable Content To Grow Your Business

These experts have a few things in common.  They all know the subject of product creation.  They all know about building a brand from the ground up with content.  So, if you've wondered, I have this PLR package I bought...now what?

This Summit Is for you....

We'll make sure to cover everything from what to do with the audio that you get to, how to use the Presentation and even more high level strategy...like how to create authority and build a brand.

These are experts in the trenches that actually do the things they'll be teaching.  It just so happens that we've found the folks that know how to teach as well as knowing how to do.  It's going to put you in position to increase leads and sales based on your individual business.

Each session will be streamed live but will also be recorded and made instantly available for your convenience.  So, if you can make it live, GREAT, if you can't no worries.  You'll be able to submit your questions in advance as well as to watch the replay.

Your Summit Presenters:
Experts In Brand Building, Product Creation
and Rebrandable Content (PLR)

KEYNOTE: Andew Warner, Mixergy.Com - Creating a Unique Brand From Content in Competitive Markets

Andrew Warner is the Founder and Creator of Mixergy.Com.  He interviews both startup entrepeneurs as well as successful technology businesses. He has at the Helm Since 2004.  He has interviewed luminaries such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia) and Jessica Livingston (YCombinator).  He has mastered the art of getting executives to open up while sharing valuable content with his audience.


Susie O'Dea, Master PLR - Using Niche PLR To Create Passive Income

Susie ODea is a veteran internet marketing, PLR Creator and SEO Specialist.  She has a unique understanding of the relationship between PLR, publishing and getting search rankings.  Her results over time have proven her to be right.

Susie is in a unique position to train you as she is both a creator and a user of rebrandable content.  In fact, one of her most consistent streams of income is her skillful use of PLR and her consistent discipline in how it's applied.

You'll learn more about building a sustainable brand and creating an income in the area in which you are most passionate.  Don't miss her presentation.

Justin Popovich, Tools For Motivation

Justin is a Veteran Internet Marketer and PLR Creator working under several brands.  One of his most prominent content brands is Tools for Motivation.  As a Trainer and Coach, he works with Internet Marketers on Scaling business which is something that he has unique experience doing in his own business.  He's uniquely qualified to help marketers leverage their PLR into true fans and customers.

Liz Tomey - Instant Income PLR - The Right Foundation for Building an Online Business

Liz Tomey is considered to be one of the pioneers of the PLR niche having begun creating it in 2007.  She not only creates individual products but innovated into PLR Memberships.  She runs coaching programs not only for those that want to use PLR but those that want to create it also.   Her instructions to students are often so detailed that marketers have turned them into products all by themselves.  As a nuts and bolts student of the science of rebrandable content, she'll be able to move you past technical and strategy barriers.

Darren Ross, White Label Audio - Working Effectively With Royalty Free Audio

Darren Ross is a fast rising superstar as a creator of PLR.  In his life outside of PLR he is a DJ in Pennsylvania and has a unique understanding of music and sound.  He is the creator of Volumes One, Two and Three of White Label Audio and will be providing a detailed understanding and discussion of how you can use sound files in your videos and products. Don't miss his presentation.

Paul Counts, Count On Us, LLC

Paul Counts is one third of the "Real Guys" trio and another pioneer when it comes to understanding how to use PLR to gain leverage.  He is one of few marketers in the industry that creates all of his own video instruction, mainly due to his skill in teaching.   As you hear Paul's discussion, you'll get ideas, not only about PLR but how to grow and scale and online business.  It is his custom not to teach short term gimmicky methods, but to teach solid, timeless principles that you'll be able to use in any niche.

What you'll discover very quickly is that his straightforward manner is the same one that he exhibits in his videos, training and sales process.  You'll learn and much by doing what he does as you will doing what he suggests.

David Perdew, MyNAMS - Leveraging PLR Into Long Term Memberships

David is a veteran marketer and really needs no introduction. He has helped hundreds, if not thousands of marketers establish a firm foundation in their business through his MyNams Coaching over the years.  What he teaches and produces is a straightforward business model based on common sense and what's working in the marketplace.

What David will be focusing on is the Membership Management aspect of your business.  What does it take to get a member?  What does it take to keep one?  What kind of metrics should you be watching?  All of these are things that you'll want to think about as you begin to set up your recurring streams of income.

Ellen Finklestien - Change The World Marketing - Creating Powerful Products From Your PLR Using PowerPoint

We are excited to have Ellen Finklestein presenting to us as an expert in how to make your presentations fit for your audience.  Since most of us have the basic PowerPoint skills, that's pretty much what we use.  But Ellen is going to help us break through that barrier.

One of the primary aspects of her business is to show marketers how to use PowerPoint and other presentation software to communicate in a way to generate loyalty from customers.  When you've completed this session, you'll be ready to take any of your PLR presentations and make them into something that you and your customer will be happy with.

Sharyn Sheldon - Content Sparks - Using Rebrandable Content to Build Brand Authority

Sharyn Sheldon is a Veteran Rebrandable content creator working under the brand, Content Sparks.  She produces high level content for coaches and trainers looking to teach content as their profession.   She brings to the table a background in Corporate Instructional Design and provides content that reflects professionalism.

Sharyn will be discussing how to use content to build authority which is vital in today's market.  With the proliferation of outlets and information explosion, how to use use our content to communicate that we are the individuals in the marketplace that should be heard?

Candace Fowler Chira - Selling PLR Videos In Your Local Area

Candace Chira is a writer, artist and digital product creator and lives in the best city on earth - Chicago. She has been working online for 5 years and couldn't imagine ever going back to corporate America. When she's not working she enjoys traveling, reading and the arts.

Dwayne Golden - DGolden and Associates - How I Used PLR To Create $400 Sales and Software

Dwayne Golden now browser based software creator, and international business consultant started as an entrepreneur using PLR a decade ago.   He uses PLR systems to create wealth and helps others to do the same with his "plug & play" concept for PLR products.  In 2007 Dwayne created his first 750k online with such a concept and then began to teach others how to do the same.

Now his PLR systems which use to be manual are now automated and pre-set up for buyers, that include but not limited to digital delivery, hosting of the website, and yet payment processing requires just completing of a profile.

Sue Fleckenstien, BuyPLRToday.Com - Creating Quick Images and Working with E-Covers

Sue is experienced in all 360 degrees of information marketing.  She has freelanced for clients, she has sold her content as well as trained other entrepreneurs.   Her current focus is to provide PLR content through her store where she covers business topics that her customers ask her to provide.   She is expressive over the freedom that her online business provides her and committed to seeing her customers and clients do the same.

Alice Seba, Partnering Up for Increased Power

Veteran PLR Creator, Alice Seba really needs no introduction.  Content users have likely met her through one of her four online businesses, All Private Label Content, DFY Templates, Elite Writers Lab and DFY PLR.  She has formed numerous Joint Ventures over the years both short term and long term.

For the last two years she has put on a Virtual Summit of her own along with Ron Douglas, called the Best Seller Summit.  This event is one where she gathers authors, speakers and marketers to learn how to market their content in book form.

April Lemarr - Niche Starter Packs - Combining PLR to Create Original Products

April Lemarr has built a business that focuses on helping health and wellness bloggers and coaches with customizable content creation. The business thrives through partnerships with like minded content creators.  She is able to enjoy a flexible lifestyle, homeschool her son and work at home doing something she loves.

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