Today, I saw an interesting reboot of graphical and multimedia assets that you can use to assist you in remaking your PLR.   Note, I still think that you should be using E-Learning Playbook–instead of redoing videos–and building your Learning Center. My thoughts are solid on that. But you might have picked up one or both of our video kits, either the Amazon ACX package or the Audacity package.  And if you did, having stuff to put it into makes a lot of sense. There is a release for these kinds of assets today that you can use here: 

Go here to get our Audacity Video Kit: 

Go here to get E-Learning Playbook to use Your Video PLR: 

Ultimate Insider Question about Software 

An Insider asked me a question about a recent software release.  And since I only recommend a handful of software products, I thought it was important to give him an honest opinion. But I thought it was a good time to bring it to you also. 

There are a few questions to answer about whether you should get a software product being released. And the key is whether or not it can make you more profitable. I often quote the Theory of Constraints about this because I’ve never seen it disproven. Software will make you more profitable if and only if it decreases a limitation you already have.  If it doesn’t do that, it’s going to sit on your hard drive. 

Every single time I violate this, software sits. And you could be using that money on some: 
1) New PLR content
2) Outsourcing
3) Advertising 

But there is another question that I’ve sometimes avoided because I don’t like disparaging other marketers.   When you get something that you will be relying on, you have to ask the question of whether the person you’re buying from is in the launching business or the ____________ software business. If it’s the former, when changes come (and they will) they’re unlikely to make the necessary changes when you need them. And your customers will neither know nor care that It’s the fault of the vendor you relied on.   It will then be on you. 

So, in sum… 
1) Software must decrease your limitations
2) The vendor should be in that business 

Seeing a 2.0 version is a good sign that they want to improve the software and want to stick with it. Go here to become an Ultimate Insider and you can bounce your business questions here too.