Every PLR Package You Buy Really CAN Increase Your Cash Flow

Your OLD and NEW PLR will start working for You With Over 10 Hours of Detailed Instruction

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Hard Drives Full of PLR You've Forgotten When And Why You Bought It?
  • Projects Started and Never Finished Because of Some Technical Detail?
  • Significant Others Asking Questions About WHEN All of This Time You Spend On the Computer is going to Pay?
  • Watching Product Launches On Social Media With Real Sales Thinking Why It's Not You...

You've Done What People Have Told You...You've "Taken Action"...

You've followed the instructions with all of your PLR. It seems so simple. Copy and Paste, Right?  Up To a point... Then there is the one question you have that isn't covered in the "training videos".   If you could just get a few questions answered, if you could just understand how YOUR autoresponder worked...if you could just figure out how to get started or what comes first....

If It Feels Like A Conspiracy...You're On the Right Track

I used to think...as a PLR Buyer, that there had to be some kind of conspiracy.  Why was it that I could never seem to get my stuff moving.  I didn't have the money to outsource every single PLR Package I bought to get it ready.  But at the same time, there were things I just didn't know how to do AND trying to get the answer....

"Just Google It..."

It would frost me when people would tell me, if you want to know how to do something just Google it.  SMH Yeah, go on Google and try to find the answer to a specific question about how to take the PLR that you just bought to make it sellable.  You can spend hours and days to find an answer that sounds a little like yours but not quite.   Then you're right back where you started

I Had to Take the Long Way...

But something happened...quite by accident.  I ended up inside of a number of the inner workings of digital product launches and product creation.  I saw the operations from the inside, I saw what caused the breakdowns, even with the "gurus" and the "big guns".  And then the light bulb went off....

I Discovered That Products Were Actually "Projects With A Process"...

I discovered there were checklists and processes and there was an order to thinking about the tools you needed and when to add people and what to do so that you actually make a little money at a time and how much you put back in.  There were no such things as "Products" when you look at them from the inside.  There were projects with processes that had to be completed in order to be profitable.....

But The PLR Process Can't Be Taught in One Hour...

To try to put what I learned into a 1 hour course or a "bonus" in a PLR package is quite frankly impossible.  That's why you're getting this 10+ hour course showing you every thing you need to know to customize and move your projects forward.


PLR Really Does Work

  • Finally SEE Tangible Results In Your Online Business
  • Reduce the Stress In Getting All of Your Purchases In Position To Make Money For You
  • Eliminate Most If Not All of Your "Just Google It" Time

What Is the PLR Hackathon?  What's In It?

  • 12 Live Recorded Webinars with Real Customer Questions and Answers
  • 2 Bonus Sessions Showing You How To Find and Use the Right Tools
  • Software Tools To Help You To Manage The Process of Personalizing Your PLR

Sessions Include....

Full Set of Marketing Graphics

Hackathon Sales Page Templates

Hackathon Lead Magnet Templates

Hackathon Affiliate Page Templates

Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase PLR Hackathon Today...

  • Training To Organize Your PLR Based Business

    You will NOT use 90% the PLR once you’ve purchased if you miss doing what we’re going to be showing you in these sessions.

  • Webinars Taught By a PLR User and a PLR Creator

    Because we’re users of PLR and creators of PLR we have a unique perspective on the processes that can help you to turn your purchase into real income.

  • Flexible Replay System

    Each of the four training sessions will come with their own Private Replay area.  You’ll be able to watch them over and over again

  • Software For PLR With Contextual Lessons

    We’ll do an entire session on the use of Desktop Acquisition Manager and Content Mania to give you more ways to put your PLR into profitable use.

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