To get in position to sell the PLR you have now (and the PLR you will get) in 2021, there are things that you can begin doing now to position yourself.  There are three components: 
1) E-Mail List, where people open the emails
2) Training, that people attend (even if only the recording)
3) Offers, that people purchase (even if only affiliate)

I define these as an audience.  I know others define it as a YouTube channel or Facebook Group, which is fine.  I think that these three things need to be in place together for the word “audience” or “list” to make sense. 

This is what you need to sell your PLR. How you get the people to listen, open your emails, click your links can vary.  There is no one way.  But you need these three things. I’ll address this tonight within the Mailchimp Buyer Webinar at 7 PM EST.  Go to the download page to get signed up.  Get the PLR here, if you don’t have it:

The Tools and Training You Need to Build an Audience and Sell Your Offers 

One of the ways we assist you when you get our PLR is to make sure you’re fully trained and ready to sell it. That’s also a main part of the plan when you become an Ultimate Insider. When you join today, you’ll get access to our Mailchimp PLR (basic and advanced), as well as: 
1) Software tools by request, including CoachZippy and Academy Pro, as long as we have licenses
2) Training content, including anything that I use in my local meetup to sell the same PLR offers you have; you’ll get my PowerPoints, Transcripts and training videos to create your own
3) Streaming access to all of our video training and courses
4) Launch price discounts on all non-membership PLR
5) Monthly live Q and A training call 
6) Personal 15-minute onboarding call 
7) “Front of the Line” VIP support to ask us anything 

Go here to watch our interest meeting: 

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Did You Get the Traffic PLR Offer We Told You About? 

Our friends at Firelaunchers recently released a PLR package on the subject of traffic.  We added resources to this to help you to leverage it fully. To get our resources, go here: