Be prepared to get hit on all sides with Amit’s SellersPal platform today.   The question you should be asking is whether this is a good or the “right” platform for you to invest yourself into learning to create your continuity Learning Center. If you’re getting this to stockpile your software assets with no clear path to use it, I don’t recommend it.  See my Saturday Weekend Q and A training for my reasoning on this.  (I am probably the worst affiliate ever.) But, if you can see yourself getting your PLR video courses in motion to start making them available for sale, this platform could work for you.  Here is my no-hype straight up review. I’m not sure that I have time to do a full demo for you because I need to complete StreamYard. Here is what I can tell you, even though I’ve only had 30 minutes to look inside of the platform. 
1) You CAN upload videos to this platform and sell them in an integrated membership.  
2) There is an Agency License for this one, but it isn’t structured so that you will be able to sell access to the platform to customers.  This is one that you won’t be able to use a bonus to people joining your membership. 
3) These terms mean that there is no way for me to purchase the platform for Insiders to use. However, that does not nor should it preclude you buying it to use…nor is it a non endorsement from me.  I’ve known Amit for a long time and he’s pretty focused on making software work for our niche. 
4) It does integrate with his MaxDrive Product, so if you have videos hosted with him you can pull those videos into this platform. 
5) There are software and content bonuses that the vendors have given the affiliates on their behalf.  You should not feel in a rush to get them.  Everyone has access to them and if you get them with us tomorrow…you’ll still get them. 
6) There is a “dime sale” on the pricing.  Once again, this is a bad way to make a decision about something you will be investing your time and money in. 
7) We will add 3 of the videos courses with full PLR rights that Stephen Luc near the end of his time of creating videos.  The last three he completed were: 
A) Twitter Traffic Secrets
B) Deal Closing Secrets
C) WP Affiliate System 

Go here to get the platform:

StreamYard PLR Videos 

The advanced videos for Streamyard PLR are now complete and I am targeting Thursday for the public release when you can get them and use them.  Today and tomorrow, I am working on the supporting materials so that you can download the videos and pages and begin selling the basic and advanced courses. And yes…I will also be adding the videos and the sales material to CoachZippy for Ultimate Insiders to Import to use this week. In the advanced course, I cover longer multi-step and more complicated processes dealing with automation and monetization.  Here is what is covered in the 55 minute advanced course: 
1.) Operating Streamyard as Mobile Only
2.) Creating an Opt-In Page For Your Streamyard Product
3.) Creating a Registration for Your Streamyard Event
4.) Creating a Paid Event on Streamyard
5.) Streamyard Events into Paid Facebook Group
6.) Streamyard Events Into a Paid Membership Platform
7.) Using Eventbrite and Meetup with Streamyard To Get More Exposure 

You’ll note the course is progressive and each video builds on the previous one.  The entire advanced course builds on the basic course.  In effect, your customers can’t use what’s in the advanced course without the 20 video, 45-minute basic course information. Naturally, I will be releasing the Streamyard PLR videos and marketing materials first to Ultimate Insiders before the public release and will add it to the March 2021 Content Folder (even though it is technically April). The next April title for Insiders will be Gumroad. Go here to watch the basic and advanced course preview in your Member Downloads Area.  You will also find a link in March for a Playlist of Videos that will show you how to use CoachZippy.

Tonight’s Training at 7 PM EST 

Tonight, I will be teaching more online business basics in my local area Meetup.  You are welcome to attend. The best place to do that is on YouTube. I will send the link you tonight at 7 PM EST when the stream begins.  I’ll also make it available in the Facebook Group. Go here to see our most recent PLR training where we addressed how you should buy PLR.  You can start watching at the 8:13 mark, if you want to see that specific topic addressed.

Last of Tiffany’s Limited Series on Content and Copy 

Tiffany released the last of her limited series on content and copy.  For this one, I have taken the link to my group page and just directed it straight to this offer. She limits these to 50 and as of my sending this, there looks to be 25+ sold.   So, go here to get it: