The typical marketer response to getting a package like Etsy videos is to hurry and get a page up to be one of the first. But, as Bane said to Bruce/Batman in the Dark Knight Rises, “Admirable, but mistaken.”

Instead, I suggest you first spend a little time yourself learning what Etsy can do:
1) Get the advanced version, where I demonstrate how to create a digital product ;
2) Go through Amy Harrop’s guide on creating an Instructographic which you yourself can use for your own products on Etsy; 
3) Listen to my expert session with Bart Hennin, where I ask him specifically how somebody who is an information marketer can extend into Etsy. 

Then….put up your funnel.  Get it here: 


PS: Today is the last day that the Influencer package is available at launch pricing.  Get our additional resources for it here: