Note…over the next couple of days, I will be reviewing some tools you can use with your PLR to build out your Learning Center.  Be on the lookout for my evening newsletter tomorrow.  You’ll actually see the first of three demos this week.   

Do One of These But Don’t Call it a ______ 

It seems like every where we go as marketers, somebody is doing a Virtual Summit.  It seems like we can’t get enough of them.  I’ve done a couple myself, and I have a few pieces of advice if you’re going to do one or show somebody how to do one: 
1) Don’t call it a ‘Summit’; Be Creative
2) Do Something To Engage People; don’t just do a glorified set of webinars 

The rest of my advice I put into Virtual Summit Playbook PLR. Get it here:

The Two Calls of Ultimate Insiders  

Everybody that is an Ultimate Insider gets 2 separate calls.  The first is pretty simple…a 15 minute onboarding call.  This is where you talk and we listen and find out about your business. The second is a promotional interview.  This where I interview you about your business. You will also get the recording to use yourself. 

But you also get one full funnel of video content every month.  You also get any course that I update. And while licenses last, we actually have an entire suite of tools to help you build your Learning Center (today we just added in Cloud Storage).  You get to keep access to them as long as you remain a member.   Become an Insider here:

Meet Jennene Biggins of JBiggins Consulting 

One of the best parts of Ultimate Insider is being able to meet cool people.  The other day, I sat down to talk to Jenenne Biggins. She is a Digital Marketing Strategist in the DC Area. We talked about the things that small businesses can do as we (in some places) prepare to re-open. Listen in here:

Demo of Video Hosting 

The deal on video hosting has been reopened for a brief period of time.  This time they definitely would not tell me when it’s going to end. So, go see the demo…
But if you feel you’re pressed for time when you get to the page, just go to the continue button.  There are some discounts codes to make it 67% off of the pricing you see on the page.  Go here: 
For Starter Use “jvzsplstart” for 67% OFF
For Commercial Use “jvzsplpro” for 67% OFF