While I work away to complete Gumroad PLR Videos, here is a reminder about a few things I’ve been musing about. The last couple of days, I have told you about a release of a contest app being created by Chad Nicely.  And going into this, you’ll hear lots of claims and stuff. I know I sound like a broken record as a proponent of the Theory of Constraints, but you should only buy software when it diminishes a limitation you have.  Dishonor this principle and the software you’re contemplating will sit on your hard drive and cost you time and money in the form of opportunity costs. I’m happy to entertain cases where this isn’t true. Write back if you think you can prove me wrong. But it’s unlikely you can.  

Why would I mention this on the weekend where I am recommending you look at a contest app for your business? Because you need to understand this part of the Theory of Constraints going into this…eyes wide open.   That said, tomorrow Chad and crew will be explaining how this fits into your business model.  And it looks like they have a demo planned and that I won’t have to do one.  I will assemble some resources to help you to leverage it. The best way to get their most favorable pricing will be on a webinar, which is tomorrow morning. One last thing about this… There is a true agency license in the funnel.  Which means that you’ll be able to pay one time to get access to a way to sell licenses to your customers. This works very well if you’re going be using a learning center so that you can offer it as an incentive.  Go here to get on their call to see the demo: 

PLR Video Content Release Imminent Price Increase 

If you’ve not yet picked up StreamYard PLR, the pricing will be increasing tomorrow night at Midnight EST. One thing that you will want to know is that our pricing will be increasing from $9.95 to $27 as the launch ends.  Additionally, our advanced course launch pricing will increase from $27 to $37 for this title. To get our most recent StreamYard PLR, go here: 

The most cost effective way to get it will be to become an Ultimate Insider.  There is never a launch price increase there.  

How to Build Your Signature Product 

Regardless of what market your niche you’re if you’re working with people on their online business, you need to develop a signature product. That’s what I will be helping you to do with Xtreme Business Makeover. Right now, what you see is that the page promises Pre-Sell content and a PLR product.  But, starting next week we will be launching into the true purpose and that is to build out a signature product for you. It’s going to take time to do and it’s going to work differently than most PLR.  True to what’s on the sales page right now, every time I add to the package…I will be going up on the pricing. In the end, you will have enough content to teach on a weekly basis…evergreen concepts that will get people to the pages of whatever products you want. Of course, we expect you’ll be sending people to the PLR products that you have from us.   Go here to get access to Xtreme in it’s current form here: