In preparing for last night’s Workshop Revolution (Session Two), I realized that many of the things that I used to do to build a list, I got bored with and started to feel like I was above those things. I forgot about them. 

In retrospect, I wonder if any of them could be considered “home runs”–they’re all forgettable when you start to do them routinely.  Yet, as unassuming as they are, they are the way to get people to your workshop funnel which we are building. 

I will not be doing this Hackathon series for the public anymore. Workshop Revolution will be the last one.  Moving forward, it will only be for Ultimate Insiders (who will also get the PLR for them going forward). Go here to get started:

The Last Hackathon Turned to PLR 

The last Hackathon I did has already been turned to PLR.  It was the Learning Center Hackathon. In fact, if you purchased the Hackathon, and you go to the download page, you’ll see all of the other edited and converted content. (Also, if you are an Ultimate Insider, you’ll see the converted content in your September Folder.) Go here to get the converted content:

The Next PLR Video Course for Insiders and the Public 

The next PLR video course I will be adding to the September folder for Ultimate Insiders will be Sales Funnel Playbook. I did the course a few years ago as a bonus, but I didn’t record it in the right dimensions and it needed to be redone. So, if you’re an Insider you’ll get it first before I release it to the public.  I will complete everything this weekend and then release it to the public this time next week. To get it, be signed up as an Insider here: