If you have video PLR and it’s on your hard drive, whether new or old, you’re sitting on content that you have quite a bit of leverage with if you’re willing to put in a little work. Is it as “easy” to work with as written content? Probably not. But, is that a bad thing? Actually, it’s a good thing. And if you’re teaching people the “slap your name on it” stuff with video PLR, I can tell you for a fact that you are misleading your people and subscribers.  I have outlined in my most recent course what you should be teaching instead.  And of course, you get PLR Rights to it.  Go here to get it.

Important Note for Ultimate Insiders Only 

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Want to Get Into Some Real Strategy Instead? 

On Monday, I’ll be meeting with Ultimate Insiders about more in-depth strategies on what to do. Whether they have our videos or whether they have the videos from others.  The key is the A Word, which I will be discussing on Monday.   You should make an effort to be there if you can. But first you need to become an Ultimate Insider.  Go here: