The 4th of July event that we’ve been telling
you about will begin tomorrow morning as
soon as we make the formal announcement
in our review note. We’ll follow up in our
full newsletter tomorrow night.

If you follow our activity in our group as well
as on our training channel, we’ll be announcing
there also. The bundles will all be 7.40
for the basic version and 8.23 for the advanced.

Once the page closes, these products will no
longer be available individually. They may
or may not show up again in my work in
PLR experts.

The one thing that will not be part of the
event will be weekly training. You can
still get access to that training here:

Strategy Note

Earlier today in our review
we pointed out that there is a system of
content available that you can use to
supplement the video that we’ve been
passing on to you.

Obviously, everything that you can do to
add value to your overall package will
help you to keep your people hooked
on you. But, we added in content in
case you want to use these on
their own.

We added in four courses, with full
PLR so that you can create something
entirely new. Get it all here:

Training Note

Last night we did a brief
Weekend Q and A. We make sure to
cover in detail what you need to do to
get your PLR content ready whether
or not.

We are now holding the Q and A in-
side of the group since Screen
sharing has now become an
option. You can see last night’s
Q and A here:

Alternately, you can subscribe to
our training channel. We are slightly
on a lag in getting it up but all training
and reviews will also show up there:

Personal Note

If you haven’t yet
responded to our informal survey,
we’re still interested to know what
you’d like to see in an intensive
weekend workshop.

What I envision is a Thursday,
Friday, Saturday and maybe
Sunday workshop. All live
all on screen with your Q and A.

We’d like you to walk away
with the live video version of
having a technical checklist
of things

What I have in mind is to do
repurposing for this first one, but
I am open to suggestion. What
would you be interested in seeing

Hit reply and write us back and
then I’ll see it. Sydney is off today
so, I will definitely see your reply.