The reason that I provided PLR rights to E-Learning Playbook earlier this year was because the concept is evergreen and one that you could benefit not only from learning but also from teaching.   

I recently followed up with the Learning Center Hackathon and will be giving you PLR rights to it on Saturday.   

Doing a video Learning Center is the simplest to understand and most effective way to do a membership with your video PLR because you can execute it without “rebranding” each individual video. You rebrand your Learning Center instead. That PLR course will be an added benefit to Ultimate Insiders, so the easiest way to get it when it’s ready is to be signed up.   Go straight to the page here:

Question From A Community Member 

One of the questions I got from a community member was about what they could do if they just wanted to learn from the over 100 courses that we’ve created. They don’t want to license the the content, they just wanted to refer to the content and watch it on demand as an Ultimate Insider. We are working to complete our own video library where you’d be able to watch not only our video courses, but you’ll be able to search them also. 

We have been working hard to complete this project by September 30th.  And now that we have all of our videos inside of our host, we can focus now on getting them connected to Insider Central. Get a better sense of what we’re doing with Ultimate Insider here: