Over the years, I have really wanted to be able to help you to have content for your YouTube channel. The problem has been that if I open up the rights to our over-the-shoulder tutorial videos for people to use them that way, it would devalue the content for everyone. So, traditionally whether launching these video titles on my own or even in a partnership, I have been resistant to this. 

That said, both daughters were home with me this break and so that they would earn their keep I asked them to: 
1) Go through a few courses, watch each video and put themselves into the shoes of your customers. 
2) Take screenshots of the key moments in understanding what was being communicated. 
3) Turn each shot into a PowerPoint Slide. 
4) Order them with a consistent naming and number convention. 
5) I also then asked them to take the machine transcriptions for each of the 40 individual videos and clean them up so that an English speaker could read them. 

The end result is now that you can now take the over the shoulder content (transcripts and contextual slides) from our videos to do your own: 
1) YouTube Videos
2) Facebook Lives
3) Webinar/Workshops
4) Kindle E-Books 

I would strongly suggest that you take the written content and add in your own personalized content, promotions, links and “Easter Eggs” to other products.  There is way more income opportunity by personalizing this written content than just using it as is. A smart marketer will create a good many channels from this one piece of content we’ve done for you here with Volume Two, on Audacity: 

Also Teach Your Customers How to Create and Publish Their Own Audiobook 

And if you’ve not picked up Volume One on Amazon ACX, you can create products now on how to create an Audiobook. What I like about this course is that it’s the actual technical process of publishing a book.   I was able to use a Pen Name to display the process on screen. Go here to get it: 

Both Courses are Discounted By 26% of Ultimate Insiders 

If you are an Ultimate Insider, you should go to get the discount code from the Member area prior to getting the Video Kit. You will find it in your January 2021 Folder. Product Discounts are only one of the perks of being an Insider.  Go here to get more insight on what we do here: