Tonight, I will be doing a May State of the Community training call at 9 PM EST.  We’ll talk about what’s coming up next and cool new additions to Ultimate Insiders.  It will be live in the group as well as on our YouTube channel. I’ll also mention this in my evening e-mail. 

10 Videos on Product Creation Success With Un-Restricted Rights 

I looked and found 10 evergreen PLR concept videos that I did on Product Creation.  And I’ve decided to give them in a zip file to everyone that picks up the Work From Home Content that you’ve no doubt been hearing about. Here are the video titles of my free course: 

  1. Overview
  2. The 10 Rules of Internet Marketing
  3. The 7 Rs of Product Creation
  4. The 7 Cs of Content Creation
  5. The 12 Points of Copywriting
  6. The 8 Numbers That You Must Track
  7. The 10 Potential Profit Leaks
  8. The 5 Things to Make Your Product Stand Out
  9. The 17 Resources You Should Have for a Digital Products Business
  10. Tips for Reselling PLR

In total the course is 1 hour and 17 minutes… You may actually have this bundle in the past, but for this…I will un-restrict the rights.  But only if you get this bundle.  To get it go here and the Videos will be inside of the check-in area:

Personal Note   

For whatever reason, I got so busy with the Zoom launch that I’m now two episodes behind on “The Last Dance” Documentary.  As a Chicago native, it’s can’t miss TV. 

It’s interesting to me watching the hype about this. Even if you aren’t a fan of sports, basketball, ESPN or Jordan…you have to take note of the hype surrounding this documentary. I think that the guy doing the documentary is now doing as many interviews as Jordan is. 

And it serves the point that as a content marketer and information product creator, when you are prolific and consistent there will always be times when what you have “hits” the market right. Most of your titles will be normal. But there will be that one that goes viral, which quite frankly…you cannot plan for.  

You and I have to simply be consistent about building out the empires we have as I laid out in E-Learning Playbook.  This is what you and I need to until the viral moment happens instead of playing games and tricks trying to make it happen: