The one thing missing from most funnels, especially from those of people first starting out, was something I discovered seriously by accident.  It’s especially true of PLR offers. 

Proof and Social Proof 

The question is, why should anybody trust you and I when we put an offer in front of them? Why should they go the next and most important step with you and get your continuity offer? The way to establish that kind of trust is something that you can do if you learn to set it up right.

It’s the one thing you probably don’t have.  And that is a weekly training session. 

For years, I held a call at 9:00 PM EST on Saturday night (I’m now doing it in the local workshop I recently started). There are some elements that I learned from trial and error that I will be showing you for the next four weeks, in our new Live Hackathon called workshop revolution. It’s the sequel to our “Build Out Your Learning Center Hackathon.”  And this time, we’re going to build out your workshop funnel.  We start this coming Wednesday, here:

Ultimate Insiders Already Have Access 

If you’re an Ultimate Insider, you already have access to this Hackathon.  All you have to do is look inside of your newly created September Content Folder. You’ll see the download page there so that you can sign up for the live sessions. Since you’re already well on your way to building out a Learning Center, this is the time for you to establish firmly your place in the market as a credible voice with a weekly workshop. If you’re not an Ultimate Insider, you should be…go here to get started: